LuxBrande - High-End, Custom Websites for Square

Thank you for your interest in the LuxBrande Platform for Square. In short, we’re putting the finishing touches on some very special online ordering technology that we are confident will help restaurants, businesses and business owners everywhere. Don’t worry, it’s ready to go right now, we’re just working on a master-plan to perfect it and the way it can be installed instantly in the near future.

Want to learn more about our team? Check out our About page. Want to learn more about our new LuxBrande Online Ordering Websites/Shops? Keep reading...

LuxBrande websites (ie. online shops) are fully customizable and we’ve decided to let our Customers vote on which features we add every week via Square Sellers United (SSU). Plus, LuxBrande Customers can also purchase affordable customization hours, so our Dev Team can add specific custom features for you (if it’s not voted up enough).

Just some of our amazing features:

Cash Orders (no credit card required, ie. Pay Cash on Pickup), Set a Pickup Person via Curbside Manager, Real-Time Inventory updating, Modifier Customizations (like Starbucks and famous Pizza Apps), Corporate/Client Promo Codes (and Accounts), free Loyalty + Rewards (integrated with Square or stand-alone), Saved Credit Cards, Re-Ordering/Fav Orders, Quick-Checkouts via Customer Accounts (that remember all a Customer's Info if they’re logged in), Text Message Order Status Alerts (via the famous Twilio, our Partner) & Order Tracking, Timeslots with Bulk-Editing, easy QR Code Manager for Order at the Table, RSVPing, Staff/Team-only access to Inventory, Weekly New Design Layouts, Email Templates + Design Services & much, much more.

If you’d like to be one of the first to try it, simply click the “Reserve Now” button below and we’ll schedule a time to speak with you personally to set up a demo of your LuxBrande Website (or Ordering page) with all your products, items, images, pricing, etc. so you can test it out (on a live website link) before deciding to make it live or not.

Double your money (no risk):

There’s a one-time setup fee of $25, which is 100% fully refundable and we’re so confident that you’ll love our tech that we’ll even give you $50 cash, no questions asked - if you simply try it out for 30 days - and give us a testimonial.


LuxBrande works for restaurants, retail, services - and everything in between.
just $5/mo. (no contract).

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Contact us: or call us 312-857-3511

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