LuxBrande - High-End, Custom Websites for Square

We've been a top Square Partner for about 4+ years and even though we're small (not for much longer), we're by far their most advanced technology partner. Don’t believe us? Just check out the revolutionary Voice Ordering App we created, which Apple just gave us a historic deal for.

We’ve also already created Pre-Order, the most powerful custom mobile app for Square in the world. And, based on conversations with countless clients, restaurants and businesses, we decided to take all our best features from Pre-Order and create LuxBrande, a brand-new, fully customizable website/e-commerce shop for Square - that any business who uses Square can have up and running in a matter of minutes.

Online Ordering with NO Limitations:

Best of all, LuxBrande websites are fully customizable and we’ve decided to let our Customers vote on which features we add every week via Square Sellers United (SSU). Plus, LuxBrande Customers can also purchase affordable customization hours, so our Dev Team can add specific custom features for you (if it’s not voted up enough).

Our goal is to create a product, service and community that helps restaurants and businesses that use Square thrive - and most importantly makes their lives easier.


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